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Purdue Research Foundation’s Discovery Park District 5G LAN Project Named Overall W***** in IDC’s Best in Future

Purdue Research Foundation’s Discovery Park District 5G LAN Project Named Overall Winner in IDC’s Best in Future

New IDC Future Enterprise Award showcases organizations that rethink the way people, things, processes, and applications enable seamless flow of data to drive business outcomes

Celona, the industry’s innovator of 5G LAN solutions congratulates our client, Purdue Research Foundation’s Discovery Park District private wireless project, who was named the overall w***** in IDC’s inaugural Future Enterprise Best in Future of Connectedness North America Awards program.

Based on Celona 5G LAN technology, Purdue Research Foundation’s Discovery Park District project blankets a 400-acre, $1B+ smart city development adjacent to the campus of Purdue University with private wireless services used to deliver pervasive and deterministic connectivity to a wide range of staff, students and local businesses working together to solve some of today’s most pressing business problems.

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“The Purdue Research Foundation demonstrated a strong, future looking 5G story to drive transformation,” said Paul Hughes, Research Director, Future of Connectedness, IDC. “Their project ‘Private Cellular Network as a Service’ was ultimately chosen as the overall w***** for the inaugural IDC Future Enterprise Best in Future of Connectedness North America Awards because it demonstrated a comprehensive connectivity transformation, showcased performance improvements, and highlighted positive business outcomes that included cost reduction, network and automation enhancements and quantifiable cost metrics that can be tracked using fixed KPI’s.”

The PRF and Celona have laid the foundation to support advanced applications including research and development in smart manufacturing and agriculture, autonomous transportation, as well as virtual and augmented reality. Beyond advanced applications serving businesses and academia, this new technology delivers improved access to services important for community growth and wellbeing, such as telehealth and remote learning. It also supports smart city applications, with sensor data and remote wireless cameras providing insights into everything from parking capacity to security.

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The Celona-based private mobile network stretches across the Discovery Park District (DPD), a smart, mix-used residential, business, and research development managed by the Purdue Research Foundation and located near Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The DPD is a truly connected community environment leveraging the most advanced wireless technologies available today to provide ultra-reliable high-performance connectivity both indoors and out across the entire community landscape.

“With the rise of unlicensed cellular spectrum and private mobile networks, communities like the Discovery Park District now have the power to chart their own course in terms of what advanced services and applications they can deliver to their members,” said David Broecker, Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer for PRF. “From students getting home broadband for the first time to the Industrial IoT, the sheer diversity of customers and application requirements demonstrates how CBRS-based technologies serve businesses, schools, industrial organizations, and municipalities alike.”

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