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ThnkBIG Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation in Aligning the Tech Industry with the Fast-Growing Future of Cloud

ThnkBIG Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation in Aligning the Tech Industry with the Fast-Growing Future of Cloud

ThnkBIG, a global cloud technology solutions and services firm, is pleased to announce its acceptance into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a Linux Foundation project that was founded in 2015 to help advance container technology and align the tech industry around its evolution.

ThnkBIG aims to transform technology into comprehensive, bespoke end-to-end solutions —from the hardware to software and everything in between. The company’s track record of successful projects in DevOps, systems engineering, analytics development and configuration management has made it a leader in the cloud infrastructure market.

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“We’re excited to join this community of like-minded cloud companies,” said Rudy McComb III, founder and CEO of ThnkBIG. “Our clients are increasingly looking for ways to streamline their IT operations and make better use of existing infrastructure resources while adopting new technologies like containers.”

The firm helps clients develop a strategic plan based on an analysis of their current operations and business environment. This enables the company to determine its specific needs—something that is facilitated by ThnkBIG’s use of best-in-class CNCF/open source tools for collaboration, hard work, efficiency––engineering creativity.

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“We are thrilled to join the CNCF,” said Rudy. “It’s an exciting time for us as we continue our journey as one of cloud computing’s leading voices.”

Since its founding, ThnkBIG has provided its clients with a full suite of tailored, results-oriented technical consulting services. Among these services include:

  • Kubernetes Consulting — The team of experts at ThnkBIG have years of experience working with Kubernetes and can help clients achieve operational and security goals with maximum uptime.
  • Cloud Native Professional Services — ThnkBIG provides the experience and expertise necessary to develop cloud-native solutions that take full advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer.
  • Managed Services — ThnkBIG allows clients to focus on their business while the firm takes care of the infrastructure behind the scenes, ultimately saving clients both time and money.
  • DevOps as a Service — Clients can increase productivity and meet customer expectations by adopting DevOps practices; and receive all the benefits of DevOps without having to invest in the necessary resources.
  • Digital Transformation — ThnkBIG can transform businesses by leveraging the latest technologies and tools to help clients move faster towards the future of innovation and stay one step ahead of their competitors.

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