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Interpres Security Operationalizes Threat Exposure Management Programs by Continuously Improving Defensive Posture & Managing Risk

Interpres Security Operationalizes Threat Exposure Management Programs by Continuously Improving Defensive Posture & Managing Risk

Interpres Security, a company dedicated to right-sizing and optimizing defenses to reduce threat exposure, announced new enhancements to its patented, multi-tenant SaaS offering, the Interpres Defense Surface Management (DSM) platform. The newly launched Interpres Exposure Index combines the connections between threat exposure, asset exposure and defense surface exposure to diagnose an organization’s ability to proactively validate defensive security programs against actual risk exposure.

In the face of an ever-changing threat landscape, Interpres DSM enables CISOs and security practitioners to optimize investments, prioritize campaign threat mitigations, and improve defensive control surfaces to apply equal pressure to threats that matter most. Through the power of the new Interpres Dynamic Battle Map, Exposure Index and Trending Dashboard, the platform enables enterprises to have a visible representation of the threats closest to the defense surface, providing an unbiased, threat-focused view to drive evidence-based decision making.

“Historically, CISOs and security practitioners have struggled with information overload from complex security stacks based on the belief that purchasing more products leads to being more secure. This has resulted in a siloed environment lacking the holistic view to continuously identify & prioritize coverage gaps, tool deficiencies, & mis-configurations in your defenses to counter the constantly morphing threats most likely targeting your organization.” said Nick Lantuh, Founder and CEO of Interpres. “That’s exactly why we built the Interpres platform: To right-size and optimize your defensive strategy to combat the cyber threats that matter most. Our automated, evidence-based platform optimizes the dynamic relationship between your defensive capabilities and adversarial exposure. The Interpres Platform will help security teams make better, more informed decisions when it comes to their defensive posture.”

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By establishing a security exposure baseline, the Interpres Exposure Index continuously identifies areas for potential improvement and ensures that your security team has the appropriate level of readiness to protect your business at any given time.

Key features of the Interpres Exposure Index include:

  • Threat Exposure Scoring – Automatically profiles your organization’s exposure to adversarial techniques, malware families and threat groups.
  • Defensive Posture Scoring – A comprehensive solution to defend against prioritized threat vectors; offering seamless integration with your security stack and cloud infrastructure, providing a comprehensive and coherent view of your environment.
  • Asset Exposure Scoring – A comprehensive score of the assets in your inventory, encompassing all defense surface and scanning technologies; it looks at every possible network element that could be vulnerable to exposure and prioritizes vulnerabilities weaponized by your most likely adversaries.

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With the Interpres Dynamic Battle Map, Exposure Index and Trending Dashboard, CISOs and security practitioners have a precise view of how their environment stacks up to the most relevant threats, guiding their organization on a path to reduce threat exposure. Security practitioners are provided with recommended actions to improve and maintain holistic situational awareness of defensive ecosystem readiness.

“The advent of the Interpres Exposure Index provides the information that enterprises need to easily understand preparedness for the next big cyber attack,” said Mike Jenks, Co-Founder and CTO of Interpres. “The Interpres Defense Surface Management Platform provides the required context to properly implement a Continuous Threat Exposure Management Program. With Interpres, security teams now have the power to optimize their defensive capabilities, simplify their security stack, reduce costs and unlock untapped capabilities within their existing security ecosystem.”

The Interpres Defense Surface Management platform takes a threat-centric approach and reduces the time and effort spent on the ever increasing number of threats and vulnerabilities, focusing your security program on the risks and exposures that matter most to your organization. Instead of simply extracting metrics from your vulnerability management program, Interpres matches your adversaries’ tool chain to your system weaknesses and prioritizes your actions accordingly. With Interpres, organizations have full and continuous visibility into their risk exposure and can easily prioritize critical threats and security controls to match the most relevant threats they face today. The Interpres Defense Surface Management Platform is available now.

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