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CoreSite Launches New Interconnection Product to Increase High-Speed Bandwidth Options for Customers

CoreSite Launches New Interconnection Product to Increase High-Speed Bandwidth Options for Customers
Metro Inter-site Ethernet Offers up to 100 Gbps for Same Market Connectivity

CoreSite, a leading hybrid IT solutions provider and subsidiary of American Tower Corporation, announced the release of 100G bandwidth availability for the company’s metro inter-site product. This expanded solution in CoreSite’s interconnection portfolio enables businesses to integrate and securely scale their critical IT infrastructure by connecting network, applications and data in the same market.

While CoreSite’s colocation solutions provide a central meeting place for networks, clouds and enterprises to house their physical infrastructure and efficiently exchange traffic with one another, the company’s interconnection services are the physical connections between those companies that enable this exchange of data.

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CoreSite’s inter-site and inter-market connectivity offers a range of service options and a virtual extension between data center sites, allowing customers to overcome capacity or network access constraints at their original data center and grow within a region or expand to new regions. The new metro inter-site ethernet product enables customers to have high-speed bandwidth options required for connectivity in the same market including one Gbps, 10 Gbps and 100 Gbps.

“The launch of CoreSite’s metro inter-site product demonstrates our commitment to deliver on a product roadmap designed to give a wide range of customers innovative connectivity solutions that increase performance and efficiency while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO),” said Matt Senderhauf, VP of Interconnections Strategy and Product Management at CoreSite. “Over the years, CoreSite has built a robust IT solution nexus that provides enterprises with a variety of secure, reliable interconnection options within an ecosystem of more than 775 networks, cloud and IT service providers residing in our data centers.”

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CoreSite’s suite of interconnection solutions includes:

  • Blended IP – With single connections for traditional connectivity and fully redundant connections for mission-critical applications, blended IP offers a quick setup and flexible bandwidth options, which is an ideal solution for production level internet requirements.
  • Cross connects – Cross connects are physical cables that allow customers to easily make direct connections to networks, cloud providers and other business partners within CoreSite’s data centers. CoreSite’s cross connect products provide access to a dynamic ecosystem of customer networks, facilitating traffic exchange reinforcing network resiliency and enabling disaster recovery.
  • Direct connect services to leading public clouds – CoreSite offers 23 “native cloud onramps” or direct connections to leading cloud services such as AWS Direct Connect, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle FastConnect and IBM Cloud Direct Link that enhance security and reliability, improve performance and lower costs.
  • Peering exchanges – The Any2Exchange for internet peering has more than 450 members nationwide and is also among the largest internet exchanges on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountain region. Additionally, the company partners with top internet exchanges, including AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, NYIIX, United IX and BBIX, offering customers interconnection and peering options natively within CoreSite’s data center locations.
  • Open Cloud Exchange (OCX) – The leading interconnection platform provides superior connectivity and a robust and interconnected partner ecosystem needed to reach new markets, rapidly scale on-demand, reduce TCO and accelerate IT modernization. The OCX is a nationwide software-defined network, enabling private virtual connections for rapid site-to-site and multicloud connectivity.

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