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ARMO Launches New Relevancy Feature to Reduce Vulnerabilities Remediation Effort

ARMO Launches New Relevancy Feature to Reduce Vulnerabilities Remediation Effort

ARMO, creator of open-source Kubernetes security platform Kubescape, has launched a new feature that helps DevSecOps practitioners prioritize and address the most relevant vulnerabilities in their Kubernetes environments. This new capability is based on eBPF technology and provides users with a streamlined way of assessing and remediating vulnerabilities that are most relevant to their production environments. This new feature is currently in beta and will become generally available later in this quarter.

ARMO’s new vulnerabilities relevancy and prioritization feature addresses the challenge of identifying and prioritizing significant vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanners often produce numerous results that can overwhelm teams, leading to delays and increased risks of cyber-attacks and data breaches. This feature allows users to de-prioritize vulnerabilities associated with unused software packages and components during runtime, simplifying assessment and remediation and enhancing security posture.

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According to research, prioritization is crucial as “One-third of organizations spend more than a month to detect where newly disclosed CVEs reside across their IT environment.” It highlights that only 47% reevaluate vulnerabilities based on criticality of IT assets. ARMO’s feature utilizes eBPF to scan the running Kubernetes pods, vulnerabilities found with the packages used in runtime. Since 40% of organizations take more than a month to remediate newly discovered CVEs, a reduction of 60% to 80% of vulnerabilities that teams need to address first is a game-changer.

ARMO’s new feature is significant for DevSecOps practitioners who are looking to streamline their vulnerability assessment and remediation process. With this new capability, users can prioritize and address the most critical vulnerabilities in their Kubernetes environments, reducing their risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

“By prioritizing fixes according to relevancy, users can positively impact their Kubernetes security posture with only 40% of the effort they would have had to put in otherwise.” said Shauli Rozen, co-founder and CEO of ARMO. ” Users can focus on making an impact and not on patching vulnerabilities according to severity. We look forward to changing the way DevSecOps practitioners assess vulnerabilities.”

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