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Amplex Internet Selects IP Infusion OcNOS to Upgrade Network

Amplex Internet Selects IP Infusion OcNOS to Upgrade Network

IP Infusion, a leading provider of open network software and solutions for wireline and mobile network operators, announced that Amplex Internet, a telecommunications company serving thousands of households in Ohio, has chosen IP Infusion’s OcNOS Aggregation Router with MPLS to upgrade and future-proof its carrier-class network. Amplex selected IP Infusion, along with partners Edgecore Networks and UfiSpace, for the dramatic disaggregation benefits that open a cost-effective upgrade path to a 100GB core and distribution network.

As a wireless and fiber provider with a multitude of remote sites, Amplex has a complex network topology where equipment costs are a significant factor in its operations. IP Infusion’s open networking architecture broadens its hardware options without sacrificing performance or reliability and reduces costly supply chain disruptions. Network consultancy IP ArchiTechs provided expertise in developing the open networking design template alongside distribution partner EPS Global.

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The upgrade makes it feasible for the Amplex network to support numerous modern features, such as SR-MPLS, historically only available from a higher-end routing solution. IP Infusion bridges Amplex’s customer edge and netElastic virtual Broadband Network Gateways while its interoperability with legacy Juniper and Ciena equipment enables a seamless upgrade. Because many sites have multiple links, Amplex enabled TI-LFA Fast Reroute to ensure sub 50-millisecond failover between links to avoid any disruptions to customers in the event of a link failure.

“We were looking for a lower-cost alternative to our current vendor for carrier-class equipment, as well as support for modern carrier network feature sets like SR-MPLS,” said Mark Radabaugh, President of Amplex. “Completing a ‘forklift upgrade’ of the network is a long, expensive, and complex process. IP Infusion, UfiSpace, and Edgecore provide a path to a 100GB core and distribution network.”

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“The open network solution we created for Amplex provided the networking features they were looking for at a price point that aligned with their growing business objectives,” said Vincent Schuele, Director of Engineering and Senior Network Architect for IP ArchiTechs. “In many scenarios, our direct experience with IP Infusion, UfiSpace, and Edgecore Networks has demonstrated that open networking is not only a good substitute for many legacy applications, but in some cases is the best alternative with the unique benefits of a disaggregated network deployment.”

“As a successful regional Internet service provider for nearly three decades, Amplex has long demonstrated its commitment to providing the highest quality Internet service to its customers,” said Atsushi Ogata, CEO and President of IP Infusion. “We are excited to support their evolution to disaggregation, which opens the door to new revenue streams, faster innovation, and lower costs.”

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