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DoControl Extends its Technology Alliance Program With 12 Business-Critical SaaS Applications

DoControl Extends its Technology Alliance Program With 12 Business-Critical SaaS Applications

DoControl, the leader in the SaaS Security Platform (SSP) market, continues to distinguish itself through the success of its Technology Alliance Program. The program is designed to provide the highest standard of data security, stay up to date on the latest SaaS API improvements and beta programs, as well as enhance the value of existing technology and security investments.

The Technology Alliance Program has enabled DoControl to set the standard for innovation and collaboration through strategic partnerships with leading technology providers like MicrosoftAWSOktaJiraGoogle WorkspaceSlackZoomBoxDatadogCrowdStrikeGithub, and Dropbox. Integrations with DoControl‘s innovative platform provide its customers with a seamless and automated data security experience across the services they rely on daily.

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In the Omdia On the Radar Report for SaaS Data Security, Principal Analyst Rik Turner said,

DoControl is doing all the right things in terms of partnering with leading SaaS providers to enable tighter integrations with their technology. The number of SaaS applications with which DoControl integrates is growing almost weekly. The SaaS market is booming, with new corporate customers signing up and new applications coming to market. This vendor’s approach of building a full inventory then updating it with continuous monitoring, plus alerting on anomalies and providing no-code workflows for remediation, positions it to conquer a significant share of this emerging segment.”

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There is a strong need for tooling consolidation and ‘platformization’ within the decentralized SaaS security market. Businesses today are dealing with declining or stagnant budgets as well as poor attrition rates and a general lack of security professionals. Addressing this fragmented environment through a platform approach is the optimal way forward, providing quick time-to-value while also enhancing the value of existing investments (via technology partnerships). This method effectively navigates SaaS risk, provides a strong return on investment (ROI), and addresses multiple threat models and use cases from a single provider. Industry experts have taken notice of this approach, with Gartner featuring DoControl in more than six reports over the last 24 months.

“We are immensely proud of the company’s remarkable growth and the invaluable partnerships we have forged. Together, we have leveraged novel innovation to transform challenges into opportunities,” said Guy Rosenthal, VP of Product Management, DoControl. “Our collective efforts have propelled us to new heights, and I am grateful for the dedication and collaboration that has fueled our success, as well as the success of our customers and partners.”

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